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Food Fix was developed by
Strength Tek Fitness and Wellness Consultants

A large percentage of people are not getting the proper nutritional guidance they need to achieve their personal weight goals or simply lead a healthier lifestyle. Often what they eat, and their portion sizes, sabotages their goals. Ask people how much they eat in an average day, and then ask them to keep a food journal for a week. They may be surprised to find that what they thought they ate, and what they actually ate, is very different. This is precisely why we developed Food Fix.

Food Fix is a tool designed to make it easier for individuals make healthy food choices, in the proper proportions, to help them meet their goals. Food Fix delivers customized meal plans based on age, gender, and activity level; the calculation is based on whether you want to gain, lose or maintain your body weight. You can further customize your plan by choosing from four different meal plans, including plans for vegetarians and those with food allergies. Food Fix offers you balanced, portion-controlled meals consisting of simple, whole foods.